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April, 2022

Review Merason DAC1

Hans Beekhuyzen has reviewed the DAC1. Hans praises the DAC1 for its musicality. Whats the point of fancy functions on a device when it is poor sounding to begin with? 


Maart, 2021

Interview met Merason - Daniel Frauchiger


We don't upsampling. We had bad experiences with upsampling. Extrapolating everything to a sampling rate brings various disadvantages from our point of view. The TDA1794A in the DAC1 and in the Frérot is a hybrid between R2R and oversampling. 

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Oktober, 2020

Review Merason DAC1

There are lots of excellent sounding DACs in this price territory. With an MSRP of $5,000, it’s my opinion the Merason DAC-1 is a serious contender for best DAC at any price. Sonically, it competes toe to toe with the high priced big boys. 5K is not exactly loose change but I’d still be impressed even if the DAC-1 was substantially more expensive.

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June, 2021

Review Merason Frérot + pow1

PartTimeAudiophile beloont de combinatie Frerot en Pow1 met de PTA Reviewers Choice award.

Mark Sossa was right. The Pow1 LPSU made a huge improvement to the sound of the already thrilling Merason Frerot. The music simply expanded in every direction, bigger, more transparent, more finger-poking realistic. That incredible digital sound at those high-end shows, the one that eluded me at home? This was it, finally.

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Januari 2021

Review Merason DAC1

The EAR's Editor's Choice award!

Under these circumstances the intoxicating immediacy of the Merason can be quite addictive, it does what few digital components do, strips away the polish and lets you hear the real meat of the music. 

If you are looking to cut through the veneer and hear as much of what was put down in the studio as a converter anywhere near this price will allow should, brace yourself for a genuinely intense musical experience.

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Mei, 2020

Review Merason DAC1

Merason DAC1 is faiaudio's favoriete DAC voor 2021.

Herr Frauchiger hat sein Ziel – einen D/A-Wandler zu entwickeln, der es klanglich mit Schallplatte oder Tonband aufnehmen kann – tatsächlich erreicht. Der Merason DAC-1 begeistert mich, da er in allen Disziplinen überzeugen kann. Und noch viel wichtiger: Er ist keines von den Geräten, die zwar „alles richtig machen“, letztendlich aber doch langweilen. Ganz im Gegenteil, der Merason DAC-1 gehört zu den aufregendsten und emotional ansprechendsten D/A-Wandlern, die ich bisher gehört habe.

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April, 2021

Review Merason Frérot

De Frérot krijgt 5 sterren van Alpha Audio en is de nieuwe referentie dac in zijn prijsklasse.

De Merason Audio Frérot is een erg fijne d/a converter met voldoende aansluitingen die geen arm en een been kost. Dit schattig doosje zit met Zwitserse precisie in elkaar en ziet er bijzonder aantrekkelijk uit. Door gebruik te maken van technologie uit de duurdere DAC1 wordt een heel hoog niveau gehaald. De Merason Audio Frérot pakt niet uit met specs maar gaat voluit voor de best mogelijke weergave aan een haalbare prijs. Wij vinden de Merason Audio Frérot een revelatie en een welkome aanvulling in deze prijsklasse. Alpha Approved!

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Oktober, 2021

Review Merason Frérot

The Frérot DAC has an incredibly smooth and silky sound, which I find surprising from PCM files. It is also, as you would expect from the Swiss, a very precise and detailed sound. This is a great combination with the smooth and silky sound.

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